Phone Operations Using the Yoke Buttons



Offer the ability to select a call from the phone options list via buttons or scroll options on the steering wheel and a way to terminate a call from the yoke.


Every car I’ve ever owned, including my pre-2021 Tesla, allowed you to initiate, answer, disconnect, search call history, and more from the steering wheel. In my 2022 X, I have to take my eyes off the road to pull up the phone app on the main screen and select from a long menu at the top to search through to initiate a phone call.

I believe, even though there isn’t an icon on the steering wheel, using the right scroll wheel to call up the same menu on the display to initiate a call by pressing the wheel 3 quick times or one long hold. The menu could be scrolled through using the scroll wheel which would stop the FSD wheel function while in the mode.

Moderator: You can still use voice commands such as Dial ABC, Call ABC, or Phone ABC, where ABC is a phone number or a name on your contact list.

Reusing the FSD control for anything else could cause confusion, so I doubt having multiple modes for the same critical control makes sense.  Either FSD should be controlled by another button, or the phone controls should be controlled by the left scroll wheel, which has less risk if in the wrong mode (i.e. volume control).

We suspect the button next to the horn was the original Autopilot/Cruse/FSD button, but user testing found this to be problematic.  The Yoke design was already in production, so they changed FSD to the scroll wheel, knocking out functions like phone scroll and terminate, which is not ideal.



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     Created 1-Nov-2022


Incoming text messages can be answered by pressing the microphone button.  Why not incoming telephone calls?

Using the screen for answering and canceling phone calls is weak at best.

    Created 2-Apr-2023
As the originator of this request I propose that FSD be initiated with two click , this would drop the option of one click. Then a long press, two seconds, be used to initiate the phone menu where you can select call options like favorites or call history.

Voice calling is great if the system can recognize the name. There are many names in my contacts list that voice calling just doesn’t work. The options for designators is too limited for non-relatives and infrequent contacts.
    Created 5-Nov-2022