Rear Window Sunshade



An electric sunshade for the rear window to reduce sunlight on the rear passengers.


Generally available on high-end luxury sedans and/or as an option, but rarely included on a hatchback due to the lack of a permanent back-shelf to house the shade.


Rear Sunshade now available from Tesla (manual, not electric).

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     Created 2-Dec-2012


Purchased the "pop-in" screen from TeslaMotors direct. It works quite nicely and for the cost, hard to beat. A retractable rear shade would be a nice paid option, but no need to add the cost and weight to all cars....

Side note: I also have TeslaMotors' pop-in sunshades for the Pano roof and like them as well. Glad these are offered at a low price point.
    Created 29-Jul-2016
Thumbs up for window shades -- overhead and side windows for the 2nd row and the rear hatch glass. Even as elastic, reflective screens that hold themselves in place (and won't blow out an open window ...) would be great for parking. I parked just a day ago in the sun and the car reported "exterior 80" and "interior 107" ... it was sweltering and wasted a lot of battery energy trying to bring down all the cabin trim absorbed heat.
    Created 7-Jun-2016
Green1: You are right! I remove the "Implemented" and focused it as an electrically operated rear sunshade.
    Created 5-Dec-2015
"implemented"???? really???? we're not talking some fold out thing you shove in the window, a power retractable shade should be standard on a vehicle of this level.
    Created 5-Dec-2015
Stretchable stick-on available.
    Created 16-Jun-2013