Disable Rear Seat Belt Indicator


Now Implemented!


The rear camera screen should have priority over the rear seat belt not connected indicator.


I have had many times this has been very dangerous. When driving at low speeds I often use the camera & my children are moving around as they are either getting settled or getting ready to get out of the car. The indicator about rear seat belts overrides the camera on the screen! This should not happen. The noise is a sufficient warning. Can we please please disable this feature. I’m very concerned about safety. The camera should never go away unless the driver chooses to disable it. When we are using the camera, we need it every second!

Moderator:  Beeps and noises without any clear indication of the issue would be a poor design too. The rear-view mirror is always available.


As far as I can tell, this has been implemented.  In a late 2016 Model S with 40lbs in a rear seat, and no seat belt,  selecting reverse does not show any indicator on top of the rear camera display. (Tested with version 2021.4.18).

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     Created 1-Mar-2016


Agree with Tom. I have had passengers set the warning/icon off just by placing their hand on the seat. In addition, my large dog usually set off one or two of the indicators whenever he was in the back seat making for a distracting drive. It would be nice to be able to disable it on a per drive basis, that is, have it auto re-enabled when the car starts by default.
    Created 18-May-2017
@moderator: I'm also driving my 'S' for 3+ years. The 'buckle up' icon popup overrules the entire screen (even the camera!), and at every bump where the weight of an object on the rear seat enables the switch mounted in that seat.

It even happens when I have only one kid (or adult) in the back, and he's posing one hand on the seat just next to him (eg. in a turn, to stabilise himself). To avoid bothering the driver, they tend to snap in the buckle next to them. Bye bye security, since the next kid taking place in that seat really won't buckle up anymore, and I don't get a warnig any more.

The actual security system is being bypassed so often, just to stop create more dangerous situations to the driver.

Please change it.

    Created 6-Oct-2016
We are always buckled in before moving.  This indicator is very sensitive & it goes off when the kids are moving arranging their bags while buckled.  It is very dangerous & I really hope Tesla can understand the danger.  There is also a beep to indicate, which works very well.  The indicator should never override the camera.
    Created 2-Mar-2016
Everybody should be settled with seat belts fastened before the vehicle is put into gear.
    Created 2-Mar-2016