Range Display When Parked Uncharged



When parking for an extended time without charging, a display could be shown prior to leaving the car or seen on the phone app. This would show the amount of range if left unused without charging for an extended period, such when left at an airport parking lot. If the range is affected by temperature, it would factor in the average temperature too.

For example (with totally made up numbers):
10 miles – 67 days
50 miles – 39 days
100 miles – 18 days


Requires a software change.



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     Created 10-Feb-2013


also on the charging screen it should display how long it can be stored for with out recharging (also on the app)
    Created 11-May-2013
You can even enhance the feature by calculating the weather forecast in a very pessimistic way. By just considering the average temperature it's not possible to calculate a good value. In order do calculate a useful number, the system must use the weather forecast on your current location and your current state of charge.

I think you would not be very happy if you get a certain number and relax. If you look a few days later you get a complete different number, because of a drastic weather change and you panic.
    Created 27-Mar-2013