Quick Auto-Pilot mode to TACC



Offer a quick and easy transition from autopilot mode to TACC mode. This would be handy in driving conditions for a quick transition. For example, the road conditions like sharp turns, bad surface or the poor markings on the road would increase the uncertainty of the autopilot successfully tracking the road and safely controlling the car.


Today, the only option for this action is to disconnect the autopilot, either with manual steering inputs on the steering wheel, to disconnect the autopilot with either pushing the autopilot stalk forward or to push the button at the end of the stalk, or to touch the brakes. After the disconnect of the autopilot, the TACC needs to be engaged.

This could be function with a pull on the autopilot stalk, when the autopilot is engaged, and allow this action to engage the TACC (and disconnect the autopilot). The ‘autopilot disconnect chime’ should sound when direct transition from autopilot to TACC is made, to provide feedback for the driver that they are controlling car with the steering wheel, not the autopilot.



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     Created 4-Jan-2016


I can't see any reason to NOT have standard cruise control. Most roads are unsuitable for Auto Pilot driving, but are perfectly fine to use standard cruise control.

I completely agree. There are 3 main uses I have for dumb cruise, and only one of these is (from what I have been told) suitable for TACC or Autosteer (NB I don't have a Tesla yet, please correct me if I'm wrong):

  • Cruising on the motorway: I'd probably use TACC/Autosteer

  • Travelling through an area with lots of speed cameras: I currently set cruise and then hover my fingers over the cruise lever ready to disable it. Most of these are "normal" roads with oncoming traffic and I've read that even TACC is not currently suitable for this.

  • Travelling through busy, built up areas: I currently set cruise so that I can hover my foot over the brake pedal for a quicker reaction to dangerous situations (pedestrian/child/dog running into the road, car pulling out from blind junction without looking, etc).

I'd love to have the option of dumb cruise in these circumstances.

As for the opening point, yes, there should be an easy way to disable autosteer and go back to just TACC. Having to cancel the whole thing then enable TACC seems long winded and distracting.
    Created 9-Aug-2019
Think about it.  If the situation is such that disengaging autosteer should be done, might there also be something going on that cruise control should be shut off as well?  In those situations, too often there are multiple things suddenly going on, so best not to have to take more than one step to gain full control of the car.  If it's not an emergent situation, then a simple conscious move to re-engage the cruise control is straightforward.
    Created 5-Aug-2019
I think the action should be the same on disconnect Autosteer -- push stalk away from you twice.
    Created 9-Apr-2016
1. The title should refer to autosteer, not autopilot; autosteer and TACC are components of autopilot.

2. This would be a good thing - it is a nuisance (and distracting) to have to reinstate TACC.  However, since pulling the lever towards you activates TACC (1 pull) and autosteer (2 pulls), it would be best if pushing it away from you once could deactivate autosteer but leave TACC active.
    Created 2-Mar-2016
I can't see any reason to NOT have standard cruise control. Most roads are unsuitable for Auto Pilot driving, but are perfectly fine to use standard cruise control.
    Created 20-Feb-2016
Good idea.  I've been thinking the same thing for a while now.  For what it's worth, the dash display graphics for active Autopilot mode should be more obvious (more color and larger) so that when the Autopilot mode is cancelled it would be more apparent.
    Created 29-Jan-2016