Close Proximity Alert Sounds



When encountering an object near the car, provide an option for an audible alert that changes pitch or beep rate as you get closer, and differentiates between the rear and front sensor alerts.

Think of this request as an audio version of what we see on the touch screen.


It still retains the visual indication on the screen that the wall is xx centimeters or inches away as well as an easy to recognize sound indicating the same information but allowing you to keep your eyes looking out the window instead of down at a screen.

When you back into a tight parking spot (think Europe here) often the front sensors will trigger as you pass a side column or as you swing too close to a wall in front of you. It would be very helpful to know the cause of the warning quickly and audio delivers on this promise. BMW’s audio parking proximity warnings are effective and primarily delivered as two different sounds. One sound pulsating ever quicker as you approach objects behind you and a different tone as you approach objects in front of your car if speeds are below a given threshold ie. 10km/hr.

You will be able to react sooner when you hear a tone that provides dynamic feedback with your car’s position relative to objects in your car’s path.



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     Created 29-Jun-2016


Car should learn that it is often parked in my garage and so knows the surrounding objects (geolocation object memory).  This allows it to alter the warning distances at low speed and/or detect anomalies (e.g. child's bike left in the parking space.) and act to prevent scrapes or crash.
    Created 20-Apr-2018
the the warning sound originate from the nearest speaker

so the warning sound is in surround sound
    Created 4-Aug-2016
alternative an option where the sound will come from "front/rear" "left/right" that is closest to the sencor
    Created 4-Aug-2016
I have hearing loss. allow volume adjustment on all safety alarms
    Created 31-Jul-2016
Allow adjusting warning volume on all safety alarms.
I am hearing impared but can hear loud
    Created 31-Jul-2016