Provide Shuffle Play for USB Drive/Stick


Now Implemented!


The massive capacity and great integration are wonderful – but I (for one) don’t like listening to my music in alphabetical artist or song name order!


Most basic music players have this. Should be a no cost software feature.


Now implemented in v6.1. There are new icons for shuffle or repeat.

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     Created 6-Jan-2013


When I listen to music from usb, when I stop the car, when I continue deiving the car, it doesn’t contunie playing from the last song, even it changes the source as tune in or so. This s more important then shuffle play. Even when I use next song button from left side of the wheel, it changes the source of fm radio. It must change the song, when I keep pressing the button it must just forward the song I play not change the track. These re basic things but looks like not with tesla
    Created 26-Mar-2019
I created a Mac app to simulate random playlists.

Hopefully Tesla will implement shuffle soon.
    Created 4-Sep-2014
The lack of this feature is glaring and embarrassing. It is inconceivable that this isn't something they are already planning to implement.
    Created 4-Jan-2014
I'd also like a random album play, where it picks an album and plays all the tracks from that album (don't care if the tracks are played in order or random), then picks another random album.

Any 'random' approach (tracks or albums) should avoid frequent repeats by tracking recent plays and avoiding those in favor of tracks not played for a while.
    Created 11-Jan-2013
    Created 7-Jan-2013