Provide Performance Measurement Screens


Now Implemented!


It would be great to see speed vs. time and/or speed vs. distance (i.e. performance curves).


While there are third-party data loggers to do this, I believe the vehicle has all this information already and it has a wonderful display to show the data on.

The 2020 Corvette has such a feature.


Implemented in the Model 3 Performance with Track mode.  Over time it may appear in other performance models.

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     Created 6-Jan-2013

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I had a pioneer navigation head unit that had selectible meters that could be viewed. You could choose from acceleration G's, lateral acceleration G's, cornering G's, voltage, elevation, etc. The deck was an AVIC-Z1. These goodies would be neat for the performance driver along with a logging feature that would link with a map.
    Created 8-May-2014