Provide Access to Telemetry Data



Tesla collects “black box” data from the Model S on an ongoing basis. Providing a portal to this data (like Tigo Energy does for my solar panels) would allow tracking long-term trends like energy consumption/efficiency, battery capacity, driving habits, etc.


Of course, this data could be aggregated across the entire fleet and even correlated to nav data to provide better energy management/forecasting. Other nifty things that could be put on the portal: total gas saved (per car, entire fleet), CO2 avoided, average real-world W-h/mile (by geography/weather/whatever)…and the list goes on.

Again, this would be pretty much totally unique – and it would have marketing value since it would drive Tesla users (and others) to the website.


In 2020 Tesla provided the means to access the Event Data Recorder (EDR). It appears this data is only stored locally within the car and is not accessible to Tesla’s servers.  A special cable is required to connect to a laptop.   The extraction software is free, and they also offer a means to convert the data into something human-readable.  See the Tesla EDR page for complete details.


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     Created 20-Jan-2013


My utility company (BGE) provides hourly consumption data that can be zoomed out to an annual basis. So I'm seeing my charging habits there. It would be very helpful to have a similar record of consumption breakdown inside the car.
    Created 4-Feb-2014
Thom EM
As of June, you can already get to this telemetry data in real time, but not the historical data. I also like the NEST historical views, too.  The data is there, a portal would be nice to look at my car in a similar way.  So, I am going to add a +1.
    Created 14-Jun-2013
Actually, I pretty much expect this to be on the schedule already, along with a website that offers the same features as the iPhone/Android app, all nicely accessible in your MyTesla section. I presume we just have to be patient until Tesla gets around to do it.
    Created 26-Mar-2013