Inhibit Travel if MX Falcon Wing Door is Open



If an FWD is open, do not allow the car to move – similar to having a charging cable connected.


Falcon Wing Doors can be easily damaged if the car moves when they are open. Several people have already damaged their FWDs because there is no such feature.

There is no logical reason why a driver would need to drive when they are open. Note that the addition of Joe Mode makes crashes more likely. Joe Mode reduces the volume of safety warnings, such as the beeping when the driver starts to move with any door open. As I have noticed, if the music is playing whilst passengers (like kids) are talking in the car, the driver cannot hear the warning sound, so sounds cannot be relied upon to avoid dangerous situations.

Also, if afoot accidentally kicks the up button, the door can easily open without the driver knowing, say when about to reverse or park which is very dangerous in low height buildings.



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     Created 17-Feb-2020