Programmable Soft Buttons



Allows owner to determine what functions are immediately available. For instance, I rarely use the Camera or Charge button. I would use a button for Lock/Unlock and Sunroof Open/Close.


Other examples include setting the ride height to high, toggling fog lights on/off, or using it for a specific HomeLink button.

If the button definitions can be saved in the driver’s profile, so much the better.



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     Created 3-May-2014

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This is a tricky one.  It is important to avoid clutter.  It would be highly desirable that if customizable tabs or buttons are provided that they be "self revealing" via labels or icons. It may just be my aging feeble brain but I know that if I were to customize more then one button or tab, I would forget which was which unless clearly indicated.  Good GUI design is VERY HARD.  It only looks easy when a company like Apple or Tesla come along and create these beautiful & functional interfaces.  The end product the customer sees is the product of loads of work by both artists and engineers plus user testing. The fact that this is a vehicle interface makes the problem a much more serious matter.  An extra 10 seconds of driver distraction from the road could have fatal consequences.  So far I think Tesla has done a fantastic job with their GUI.  I think they need to be very selective about adding "features" al a Microsoft Office.  I never want to get in my car and discover that the latest software revision has moved around a bunch of controls that I am used to. We should all be thankful that more Apple engineers were hired by Tesla then Microsoft engineers. :-)
    Created 13-May-2014