Walk Away Lock always On



Have an option to force the walk-away locking feature to always operate, even when overridden by a FOB unlock command.


When you have the Walk-Away Lock feature, you can temporarily disable the feature when the car is already unlocked by using the FOB unlock (double-click). This can be handy to leave the car unlocked for an extended time, such as in your garage.

This feature can also leave your doors unintentionally unlocked as the handles will retract after a minute, and there is no clear indication after a while that the car is locked or unlocked!

It’s desired to have an option to force Walk-Away Lock to always work, even if you used the FOB double-click when the car is already unlocked.

While not as important in the USA, this is can be a significant issue in Europe. The Type 2 charging cable doesn’t have the release button as we do in the USA. So, the trick in Europe is to double-click the FOB to stop charging and release the cable. If the car was already unlocked, you double-click the FOB to release the charging cable and the walk-away feature is unintentionally disabled. You walk away, thinking the car will self-lock but since the feature was disabled, a press on any handle will open the car!



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A related issue is just having certainty about the state (locked or unlocked).  Other cars will confirm with a headlight flash or "chirp" that they are locked, i.e.. a failure to "chirp" would mean that a door was not closed all the way so the electronic locks could not engage.  When I do pull the Fob out of my pocket, perhaps because the car did not sense my arrival, I am sometimes unclear as to the lock’s status if I walk away again.
    Created 13-May-2014