No Auto-Present at Home



Have an option to temporally disable the auto-present handles when the GPS identifies the car is at home.

I had to disable auto present handles because I frequently walk through the garage and I got tired of the Tesla waking up turning on the headlights and presenting its handles every time I got near it. However, this feature is very desirable when parked away from home. So, an option to auto present handles only when not home would be nice.


Moderator: When you have the Walk-Away Lock feature (Tech Package), you can temporarily disable the feature when the car is already unlocked by using the FOB unlock (double-click). This can be handy to leave the car unlocked for an extended time.



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     Created 9-Aug-2014


Thanks Manchu76 for the idea of a “Home” driver profile. I set one up with both “no auto-present” and “no walk-away lock”, that comes very close to the doing everything.


1. You have to of course remember to switch to driver profile “Home” whenever you get out of the car.

2. You can then open any door except the driver door, and the Home profile will remain the selected one. However, if you open the driver door, the profile will select one according to what fob you have with you, assuming you associate fob with profile, or the last driver.

Tesla could build upon this by allowing you to associate a driver profile with a location, once the car is parked. This profile would not have the option to “associate with key fob”. To make it really work, it should stay in the location-based profile until you step on the brake.
    Created 12-Nov-2018
Even worse is the driver's door on the X popping open every time you walk through the garage.
    Created 1-Aug-2017
Also when your washing the car it would be good for the handles to not constantly pop out as you walk around it to get the various sides
    Created 30-Jul-2017
Similarly it would be nice that via GPS (and a selecting the preference in settings) that it could automatically leave the car unlocked at certain GPS location. Like your house. That way you don't have to go get the key when you want to get something out of the car and your car is safe in your garage
    Created 30-Jul-2017
This feature can be attached to a ''Home" profile. If not, you will always be wondering if the car is 'Auto Locking', if you have it as an option.

We setup a 'Home' profile that retracts the mirrors and the doors are never locked, so I guess the 'Walk Away Locking' feature is being by passed already?
    Created 31-Mar-2017