Power Connectors in Trunk & Frunk



Provide power connectors in the Trunk and Frunk. These would be handy for cool boxes, Ham radio gear, lighting, and audio enhancements.


I seriously have a need for power in front and back and will probably install them myself by taking an inline fused cable from the jump start bolts inside the front grill panel. Easy but could be untidy if not carefully installed.

Would be nice to have an option to leave 12v power on all the time.


The Model X includes a trunk 12v power connection.

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     Created 2-Dec-2014


Make them all active at all times, even during sleep.  Let the customer choose when to unplug those that are too burdensome to the miles remaining on a charge.

While the car is asleep, the main battery packs are disconnected (contactors are open). Any 12V devices would be draining the 12V accessory battery, which is rather puny since it doesn't need to turn a starter motor for an ICE. While your car is asleep, you really do want to minimize your current draw from the 12V system as much as possible. Always-on 12V outlets are a bad idea.
    Created 11-Dec-2018
@Pixelated Engineer: Switched 12V is available under the dash, in the Model 3 at least. There is a spade terminal block with six terminals, only two of which are populated from the factory. Don't cut any wires!
    Created 11-Dec-2018
It would be helpful for the USB ports to remain active all the time.

It also would be nice if 12V were available under the dash, in the columns, or in the doors so installers wouldn’t have to cut into the wiring harness to power accessories such as dash cams and radar detectors.

    Created 2-Dec-2018
Yes, the "X" has plenty of USB power ports but they are not active unless the car is "ON." There should be at least one active 24/7, for times when you need it; for example I like to leave an iPad in the console so it's handy.
    Created 1-Jul-2018
This idea would have to include the option to leave the power on when the car turns off to be fully useful.
    Created 18-Aug-2015
This addition would have to have the option to be left on when the car is off to be fully useful.
    Created 18-Aug-2015
I think this is a worthwhile idea to consider but I have no idea if 12 v wiring would need to be added at extra cost.
    Created 2-Dec-2014