Pothole Avoidance



Detect potholes on streets and then adjusts the suspension to prevent the wheels from falling into those potholes.


Potholes can really cause inconvenience while driving, and cause unnecessary damage to the car. Now some competitors came up with potholes avoidance feature either using the cameras on the car to detect them, or using sensors like Ford which had them under the car to detect those potholes and adjust the suspension to prevent the wheels from falling into them. Although Ford’s implementation is less advanced than the others, but it has an advantage of being inexpensive to add to their cars.

Perhaps Tesla can implement this feature using only software since they have front car camera.



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     Created 31-Aug-2017


It seems to me that the accelerometer in the car could detect when a pothole is hit and upload the geolocation so that others are warned, or autopilot avoids it. Same goes for speed bumps.
    Created 3-Oct-2017
This is one of the most impressive inventions I have ever seen in cars in the last 5 years or so. I could not believe it when I saw it first on Mercedes which has a very advanced implementation of this called "Magic-Carpet", just look it up and check how impressive it is not only in avoiding potholes, but also improving the ride quality on uneven streets surfaces.  Then I saw something similar but less advanced from Ford that actually works pretty well with potholes, and then said to myself, if Ford did it, then Tesla must implement something like this.

If Tesla implements this, not only a great feature is added to this car, but would also actually solve Potholes problem when FSD is implemented later on. You will not worry about your car falling into each pothole while in FSD.
    Created 5-Sep-2017

At first I did not believe the OP's claim but after I checked it out I thought Hellll Yessss! Tesla should do this.  Here are a few links to help the unbelievers come around to supporting this great idea.




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