Reminder Message when Entering/Exiting Vehicle



Offer the ability to make a personal pop-up message when entering the car like “Bring laptop”, and another message when going into Park, like “Don’t forget your phone”.


I’m constantly leaving my phone in the car. It would be great to have a programmable message that pops up when you go into park or enter the vehicle.

From LostToyPup: When parking in a shopping area, pop up a reminder to take a reusable shopping bag.



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     Created 6-Mar-2020

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Repetitive reminders will become annoying and/or ignored eventually.  It is better to reserve reminders for things that can be detected as unusual situations.   E.g.  a reminder to not forget your phone is useful ONLY if it is activated whenever the phone is detected in the vehicle while all occupants have left their seats.  If the reminder is made every time the vehicle is Parked, your brain will eventually ignore the reminder as the usual irrelevant background noise for parking.
    Created 31-Jul-2021