Permanent 4WD mode for slippery conditions



Please add an “Ice mode” or similar, which sacrifices some range by keeping both motors engaged, with increased safety and comfort.


For days with the ground covered by snow or ice, it makes a big difference whether the car has permanent 4WD with 50% power to both front and rear wheels, compared to using rear-wheel drive (Model 3) until it detects that the car slips. It may be too late to correct a situation that would not have occurred if using permanent 4WD.

Moderator: It seems the current traction control system, being instant, deals with this well. See this video: Tesla Model Y Durability Test – Off Roading on Arctic ICE That said, I’ve not driven on ice/snow in 20+years.



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     Created 27-May-2020


I have a new Model Y and it is not the equal of our old Subaru on slippery roads. I am absolutely in agreement with this request.  Please give us the option of  "permanent'" all wheel drive for us who have to deal with Winter. It will make the Y much more adaptable  to difficult driving on any form of Winter driving surfaces! This Tesla needs to be the best of the 4 wheel deive vehicles.

John Kerns  Vin # 038004
    Created 9-Feb-2021
I have a Merc E-class with 4Matic permanent drive on all wheels, and I have real snowy/icy conditions most of the winter. The permanent 4 wheel drive sucks gasoline but is a life-saver compared to just-in-time systems that do not compare.

Just the other day, in summer conditions, I drove up my driveway which has a turn with a saddle shape. The Merc always go up without any slip (even with snow on the ground), while the Model 3 lost grip with a rear wheel and lost speed and had to activate the front wheels to recover. This was on bare ground in summertime.

So I really think an option to enable both motors permanently when the conditions are icy/snowy would improve the traction and safety, which are always my first priority.
    Created 3-Jun-2020