Set Percent of Charge



Be able to set the exact Percent of Charge when setting the limit.


The slider allows any percentage to be set, but it’s not as precise as entering the exact percentage limit like “85”.



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     Created 4-Feb-2015


... and bring back the larger display when setting the charge level.
    Created 2-Jan-2019
I agree that some simple presets for [Daily] and [Trip] would be much more intuitive that a full-analog sliding scale.

I'd further suggest that if the [Daily] could be fine-tuned by the car's intelligent analysis of your daily driving behavior. I suspect that the "optimal charge" for a person that commutes 20 miles per day is different than that of a person that commutes 130 miles a day.

I know you do get prompted to disable trip charging capacity at some point. Is this currently based off location intelligence or simply a dumb timer? If currently not location-based, I'd suggest the trigger to prompt the driver to turn off trip charging should be based off 2 or more consecutive days at same GPS location.

    Created 4-Aug-2016
Due to the discussions on battery degeneration, the slider makes it a little hard to always select the exact spot on the slider in which to select 80% or whatever. There are specific spots for 'Daily', 'Trips', but not 80% or 90%
If I select 90% today and the traction battery charges shows I am averaging 215 range, according to the console. Then, the next day I have to do a 100% charge, for a trip. It is hard to be sure I am using the same charge points, when I try to re-select my previous 90%.
Its kind of like, guess work?
    Created 28-Dec-2015
Any particular reason for the need of such fine-grained control?
    Created 26-Feb-2015