Priority Driver Seat Adjustment with Dual Phones



When the vehicle detects two phone keys, with different profiles, select the phone profile for the taller person.  This avoids crunching the taller person if the phone detects the shorter person and would normally adjust the seat for the shorter person.


The smaller person, if the actual driver, can easily choose their profile which would move the seat closer. Conversely, the taller driver gets crushed… speaking from experience.

Our ’22 Model Y often connects to the wife’s phone via BT when she’s in the house. I get in the car in the garage and get the squeeze.

The vehicle knows the seat position of each driver. When multiple phones are detected, have the profile default to the taller driver’s profile.  This could be an option in Controls in case some owner does not want this feature.



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     Created 16-Mar-2023

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Does this happen if you set the taller driver to preferred?
    Created 1-Apr-2023