Parking Alert Warning in Both Directions



Provide Park Assist warnings for both front and back at the same time.


Park alert warnings are only in the direction engaged in the car, for example, when parking on a hill in Drive, the forward sensors are engaged but if the car is let to slide backward, the parking alert sensor will not emit sound even if you run into a car behind. The opposite will also happen if you engage Reverse and slide forward no sound will occur if you’re getting close to an object in the front.

It would be nice to keep the parking screen visible for a few seconds when forward is engaged right after backward, sometimes it’s annoying that the camera keeps switching positions during a parking maneuver that requires go back and forward multiple times.

From FalucskaiN: I scratched the side nose of my car while I drove out of the garage in reverse. There was no warning sound from the front sensors during reversing.



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I've had similar challenges and near misses.  Would be great to have the additional sensor.  Yes, I am spoiled ;-).
    Created 2-Sep-2020