Bypass SOC Limiter for HVAC While Parked



Allow override the 20% SOC HVAC threshold when parked:

  • Control in the mobile app to lower this threshold (via a slider) down to 5%.
  • The threshold automatically goes back up to 20% after driving again
  • HVAC while parking is always allowed while charging


Several times lately, my battery has been at less than 20% but I wanted to leave the HVAC on when parked. I knew I was going to be charging soon and wanted to override it. But, there’s no way to do this. The sad thing is that it STILL won’t let you turn on the HVAC while charging if the battery is less than 20%.



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     Created 15-May-2019

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If you're below 20%, maybe you should be thinking about charging and not air conditioning in park.
    Created 1-Jul-2019