Store More Favorites for XM, FM, etc.



I’d like to store more favorites. Allow scrolling or perhaps tabs to access additional banks of favorites. A big long list that I can scroll/navigate through would work too.





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     Created 28-Jun-2013


Also, the XM radio preset "buttons" should appear immediately when XM is selected as the source. Presently, after it is selected you must select a category, then a station before the preset buttons appear.
    Created 22-Aug-2016
I would like to be able to SORT the favorites also (by genre, by alphabet, but preference, etc). So far, I have not figured out how to do that.
    Created 2-Jan-2016
Totally agree, comparing to my Volt, I had a configurable number of presets (up to 6) with 5 channels per preset group.

Also for XM we don't see the group or album art like on FM and Slacker.  Would like that info shown.
    Created 20-Jul-2015
I totally agree that more preset pages are needed.  My little C-Max Energi has 3 screens for each form entertainment.
    Created 14-Jul-2015
My Volt had 6 screens of presets with 5 presets for each screen.  Definitely need more, especially if using XM and Slacker.
    Created 13-Jul-2015
I thought this was on the list already
    Created 3-May-2014
right now there's only one bank of presets for each band... Ex. AM, FM, and XM.  Most cars have at least two.  I would think that the Model S (being a computer on wheels) could do an almost infinite amount of presets or preset banks.

This seems like a very easy feature to implement, and there aren't nearly enough preset slots right now as it is- I keep all mine empty because there are so few...  I'd rather "scan" through all available channels than just have a handful I can rotate through with the steer wheel controls
    Created 3-Jan-2014