HVAC/Audio Active if Passenger Present



When the driver leaves the car, detect if a passenger is in the vehicle, perhaps with the seat belt sensor, and leave the HVAC and audio active.


The option should send a warning to the app if HVAC has been active for more than 30 minutes.
This is a hidden safety feature, as if you forget you baby, the car will provide a safe temperature until you return and is also useful for when you want to sleep in the car or are at a Drive In.

Moderator – If the driver is gone, anyone taping the screen will bring the HVAC and radio back on. In many places in the USA, it is illegal to leave a child in the car unattended, even if the car is running. Also, it is not recommended to use a child seat in the front seat, and there are no sensors in the rear seats (although that could be part of the feature!).



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     Created 2-Dec-2014


this may get vastly improved if "Hot Cars Act of 2019" get signed into law in the US
    Created 3-Jul-2019
Implemented with version 8.0
    Created 3-Oct-2016
Just about every time we stop at supercharging stations, we run into this issue. Driver exits vehicle and everything shuts off with wife in front passenger seat and teenager in rear seat.


Yes, sure, you can restart things with a tap of the touchscreen, but c'mon -- the car's smart enough to sense a passenger in the front seat -- in fact, it can properly sense that it's an adult for smart airbag reasons.

Perhaps the "Happy Medium" is to leave the AC and Audio systems enabled if the passenger seat remains occupied, while presenting a 30 or 60 second countdown timer popup on the touchscreen that prompts the passenger to acknowledge they'd like to keep the car 'running.'  No acknowledgement of the dialog = systems shut down.

    Created 28-Jul-2016
I would add that the auto lock/alarm feature should also be disabled if passengers remain in the car when the driver (with the keybfob) steps out.
    Created 10-Jan-2015
The only reason I'm voting yes for this is that I'll run into a store while my wife is in the passenger seat and when I shut the drivers door when I get out the car turns off.  I have to leave the car ajar so everything continues to run in the cabin.  I was not aware that touching the screen would activate the radio and HVAC so that may solve my issue.

The arguments about pets and kids is non-sense.  Be a responsible parent/guardian or pet owner and don't leave your kids in the car alone or open the windows for you pets.
    Created 6-Jan-2015
and the safety aspect of it is that baby strapped into the back seat, forgotten by a distracted parent will survive sitting in the sun all day
not dying from dehydration / heat exhaustion

yes the 3th row seats do not have any sensors but most likely they will only be used when some of the other seats also are in use
    Created 4-Dec-2014
I think this is a very useful idea. Some passengers, like small children or pets, cannot reach for the touch screen to activate HVAC (and radio). Others could, but don't know and you should not have to bother them with Tesla-specific instructions (let alone, remember to communicate those instructions). And fiddling with the app is a no go when you're just quickly hopping out for the bakery or the post office, which takes less time in total than waiting for the app to connect.
    Created 4-Dec-2014
well you can already activate the A/C from the app, but that will turn off after 30 min

where this feature do not depend on the driver, activating A/C or leaving the key

also this feature will keep the A/C running for more than the default 30 min, even with the key present
    Created 2-Dec-2014
My comments are based on waiting to take delivery of my MS in February - March 2015.  In other words, please forgive me because I may not know what I'm talking about.

I believe the originator of this comment meant:

Option to leave A/C on when the driver leaves the car while there are passengers present.

Is this request related to the advertised ability to condition the temperature in the car prior to entry?

I think this request could be accomplished by leaving the key fob with the passenger although you might not want to do this depending on the passenger.

On a related note, I've read where a problem can easily be created if the driver leaves the car (with the fob) and passengers are present AND the auto lock feature is active.  I believe the alarm will sound and can only be turned off with the key fob or the driver returning to the car.
    Created 2-Dec-2014