Remain Unlocked when at Home Option


Now Implemented!


For vehicles that are always garaged at home, have the option to allow the car to remain unlocked at the home GPS location.


If I have to go into the car to retrieve something left in the vehicle, I have to make sure I have my phone/card with me to unlock the vehicle.


Implemented as an option in version 2020.24.5.

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     Created 2-Sep-2019


I agree with cozypilot. My tools are on the far side of the garage, so I have to walk by the rear of our Model X. Most times, the car wakes up and extends the mirrors and unlocks the doors. Other times, the driver's door actually opens. How 'bout a mode that only reacts when the person with the fob walks up to the xriver's door?
    Created 2-Dec-2019
I would love that if it disabled the door handle extension every time I walk in the garage with my keys.  It is going to wear out the $$ door handle mechanisms and it wastes the battery doing that and flashing the lights.
    Created 5-Oct-2019