Auto Dog Mode when Away From Home



Have an option that turns on Dog mode whenever away from home.


I’ve realized that leaving the car in Dog Mode for short errands is smart in the 100F Dallas heat.  It costs less than maybe 50 cents or a couple percent of charge an hour.

I’d welcome a default or at least a prompt on the app to leave the climate control on when away from home.  Options might have it stop at a low battery state of charge (like cabin overheat protection), or after a duration (more than an hour or two).  Or with phone app prompts to sustain it.

The feature might use detected sunshine and exterior temperatures to guide operation.

It might be a variant of the cabin overheat, with the temp set much lower.



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     Created 29-Jul-2022


I don’t have a dog. This is for comfort on return, and to irritate Greta Thunberg.  I’ve since discovered “keep” mode in the car, but not on the app.

they will probably never adopt my default option because of the “wasteful” nature.
    Created 1-Aug-2022
If you need Auto Dog Mode, you shouldn't have a dog.
    Created 1-Aug-2022