Only Cancel Turn Signal when Straightens from Corresponding Direction



For manual driving, currently, when exiting a turn, when the wheel returns to center, it cancels left or right signals.

Change the design so:

  • If the steering wheel is centering from right to left, cancel any right-turn signal.
  • If the steering wheel is centering from left to right, cancel any left-turn signal.


Here’s the situation… I’m turning right at the first intersection, then I need to take a left at the second intersection. So I have several lanes to cross in a short amount of time/distance.

Here’s are the steps:

  1. Signal right to make the right turn.
  2. Mostly through the right turn, I start signaling left to indicate I want to cross to the left lane of the new street.
  3. The left turn signal stays on until after I’ve crossed all lanes and I make the left turn, at which point, my steering wheel centers to cancels the left signal indication.

Honda Accord works this way.



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     Created 15-Oct-2020


It is a matter of amount of steering wheel turn, old turn signals you had to go past the trip point before the switch would turn the signal off when bringing the steering wheel to the center position. A lane change takes a small amount of turn where a complete turn takes a lot of turn. Just an idea of how it may be implemented.
    Created 1-Feb-2024
Currently the signalling hasn't a clue at a roundabout! Presumably the suggested modification could solve this.
    Created 1-Jan-2021
probably at better way is to add some AI logic that uses the camera's to detect when the turn/lane switch is complete

if you are in a road that are turning left and there is a sideroad that is straight away, the indicator do not know when the right indicator should stop as you have just continued straight

and you have the same problem that if you indicate to take the right off ramp, and after the exit the road continues  turning right, it will know to stop the indicator, before the road straightens
    Created 22-Dec-2020