One Button Vent Windows Preset



Vent the windows and sunroof (if equipped) with a single button.


When parking in the sun on a hot day, I like to roll down all windows and open the sunroof just a bit to vent the hot air. The user could set the position of all windows/sunroof, save this setting, and when the car is first put into park, a button appears on the main screen to select this preset venting of windows.


Implemented in the app with V10 in October 2019 (for newer cars), but no button within the cabin.

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     Created 31-Dec-2013


Even in Buffalo, NY this would be a great feature in the summer.
    Created 3-Jul-2014
need to be able to implement vent and close windows from the app as well.
    Created 2-Jul-2014
I would LOVE THIS!  Living in CA, I have my ritual of manually dropping all windows an inch and venting the sunroof, plus adding my shade to the windscreen.  It makes a huge difference in cabin temp and would save quite a bit of energy trying to cool a 130 degree car down.


Very easy to program based on the current setup now.
    Created 24-Jun-2014
This is a nice idea.  It probably wouldn't cost that much to implement.
    Created 31-Dec-2013