Improve FOB Cover



Offer a better cover for the FOB.


The finish on the rubber band of the key fob deteriorates very quickly, but not in all places at the same rate. The black paint finish on the metal key ring attached to the fob also disintegrates similarly quickly. Both contribute to a shabby-looking fob for a non-shabby car.

Omitting the finish on the FOB rubber and the paint on the key ring both give the fob a stable and non-shabby look. It might be black but the consistent color is preferred above an unevenly deteriorated look. This is a detail, but the fob is in non-car settings a representation of the car somewhere else. The car shape is doing a good job, but the finishes unfortunately not.

Moderator: Note you can remove the FOB rubber band to get rid of the issue entirely. I prefer the look without the rubber band. Removal makes it thinner too.



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     Created 30-Aug-2018

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I like the Fob rubber bands because they come with a better key ring. In fact I moved mine to the new high-encryption replacement fobs that I purchased and had linked to my car at the service center. They told me that Tesla no longer supplies the black rubber band things with fobs.
    Created 2-Dec-2018