Model X Tesla Rubber Floor Mats



Make Model X Tesla-branded rubber floor mats available.


Just like the mats for the Model S, make them available for all possible different seat configurations.


Available in the Tesla store.

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     Created 31-Aug-2016


hi I was looking for fitted interior mats and just ordered TapTes Tesla Model 3 floor mats. Looking forward to getting them soon...

    Created 21-Dec-2019
They are now available on the Tesla website.  Very pricey though.  Front seat and back seat sold separately.  Back seat only available for the 3 seat, second row version and compatible only for VIN's below a certain sequence, which appears to be around mid-2016.
    Created 31-Mar-2017
to quote George R. R. Martin, "Winter is coming", and up here (north of 49N) winter floor mats are an absolute requirement.
    Created 21-Oct-2016
The WeatherTech mats are great for snowy/wet conditions.   Please make them available before next winter!
    Created 31-Aug-2016