Fire Extinguisher



I know. It’s very rare, but I carry extinguishers in all my vehicles. Offer as an option an extinguisher specifically for electrical fires and provide a suitable mount in the interior.


Moderator: We are unaware of any luxury car that offers this. We also suspect that even offering this option would give the incorrect perception that the car catches on fire more than ICE cars. Likely this is best left to the individual to include or not.



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     Created 30-Dec-2013



you are so right - a good man thinks of himself last!

    Created 3-Feb-2015
Fire extinguishers are mandatory in some European countries. Remember: in 90% of cases you use them to help other drivers, not to fight flames on your own car (you have to leave asap).
    Created 2-Feb-2015
A mobile fire extinguisher would not be any good in case of a battery fire. It suggests extra safety which it does not provide. In a battery fire, it is not enough to put out the flames. The primary problem is the massive heat that is generated by a punctured battery, the fire is only a consequence. To fight a battery fire, you need massive amounts of water to get rid of the heat. There is no way of taking massive amounts of water with you in a mobile fire extinguisher.
    Created 20-Jan-2014
Fire extinguisher incorporated in the battery structure
    Created 31-Dec-2013