Note-taking and Synchronizing



Offer a way to take short notes on the display and sync them to a phone or web.


I absolutely miss a way to sync notes to my car in order to have them available when I get in. Examples include a destination address where I need to go or an internet radio station that I want to try. A generic, simple, free text note-taking app would do just fine. The key feature is, the notes must be accessible and editable from, and must automatically synchronize across
– the touch screen display
– a smartphone app
– ideally also the Tesla website



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     Created 24-Mar-2014

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As a workaround, could you use one of the free note taking apps which work in a browser as well as on smartphones and computers? (e.g. Evernote, Onenote, iCloud Notes)

Take notes on your computer or on your smartphone, open the relevant web page in the web browser of the car, et voila. I haven't tested this, but I will. It is a great idea, although I'm not convinced it is something Tesla should implement.
    Created 27-Mar-2014