Chrome Delete Option


Now Implemented!


Offer a chrome delete option for all cars, similar to the Model Y where parts are painted black instead of chrome.




Implemented as standard on all Tesla cars in 2021.

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     Created 18-Jun-2020


Tesla makes some bonehead decisions. One of which is the deletion of the chrome. The black handles look nice on a white car. They look like shit on a red or blue car. The reason for desiring the "stealth" look escapes me, Tesla or any other car.

I am awaiting delivery of my upgraded Model 3. I've already got a quote from a car wrap place to wrap the black stuff and restore the "chrome" look on the door handles and the window trim.

I would have gladly paid Tesla for the "chrome" option. So they lose some income.

Also got the silver wheel covers for the 18" tires. Makes my read and my blue Teslas look great.
    Created 31-Jul-2021
We need a chrome ADD since they have deleted the chrome accents on the 3
    Created 31-Oct-2020
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    Created 2-Sep-2020