Night Vision



Using the instrument display and night sensitive (IR?) front positioned video camera, show the road ahead clearer and further than what is seen by the naked eye.

Some systems also help identify pedestrians and animals in the driving path by highlighting the obstruction.


Systems have been a mixed bag with manufacturers introducing systems to fanfare and later dropping them due to poor demand. Part of this may be due to early technical limitations and cost. Few vehicles offer these options. One is the 2013 Audi A6, as the primary part of a package of features for $5650.



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     Created 2-Dec-2012


This seems like an inevitable feature once Tesla goes to autonomous driving (the vehicle will need to use augmented synthetic vision and that should at least be echoed to the flesh driver. : )
    Created 6-Jun-2016
I think enhanced "vision" is a great idea for foggy conditions.
    Created 31-May-2016
How about a thermal camera? That would enhance our vision greatly, not only at night but also in fog.
    Created 30-May-2016
For those wanting night vision, why not wearing a night vision goggle ?
    Created 5-Jan-2016
I have that feature on my current BMW650. Its just not very useful. Its displayed on the screen rather than the HUD. So you have to watch a screen to see a potential problem. In all but fog the LED headlights are so good as to make this feature unnecessary. It's, however, fun to see where the hot spots are on a car- differentia, tires, radiators etc...
    Created 21-Feb-2015
Should be included in the "Self Driving Package" available in 20xx.
    Created 22-Jul-2014