Night Driving Mode for Screens


Now Implemented!


Introduce a night mode option that minimizes interior lights for dark night driving. Night mode should completely turn off the 17-inch center screen and remove all unnecessary information from the speedometer display. Only speed should be visible preferably as a gray number with no graphics. When the remaining range is below a (user selectable) threshold, the range should be displayed too. Navigation guiding can be displayed in a minimalistic way when navigation is activated.

This helps preserve night vision and increases comfort when driving in completely dark surroundings.


Saab used to have this feature. Can be implemented in software.


There are several options now available to accomplish this.  First, the nighttime brightness can be set to 0% (very dark). The main screen can be set to cleaning mode, which is totally black.  The left and right side panels on the S/X instrument cluster can be set to black as well (no display).

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     Created 28-Apr-2013


The switch to night mode for the displays should also be (optionally) determined by the same ambient light sensor that turns on the headlights rather than just by local twilight.  This way if inclement weather creates very dim conditions during what would normally be daylight hours, the displays aren't blinding the driver.
    Created 25-Sep-2020
Another option is to turn the color scheme to red and black. Red is the only color that doesn't effect a person's night vision. This is the color scheme you will find in the cockpit of a small aircraft where pilots relays on their eyes, constantly scanning the sky to avoid collision with other crafts in their air space.
    Created 3-Oct-2014
I think this is important, and enjoyable.  It's awfully nice to have pitch black cabin when driving dark country or mountain roads, which I do every day.  It makes it much easier to see hazards, such as deer, which I deal with daily. Hitting one is a big fear and very expensive, not to mention how terrible it is to harm such a beautiful creature.
    Created 2-Oct-2014
Totally agree with this request as an optional setting. As mentioned above in the Saab it is excellent, also night colors make sense.

Maybe a minor point as I am now used to it but I used to find the blue for the speed indicator very distracting as it was for me always the color for full beam. Blue is the wrong color for night lights so I am told, it should be green or red.
    Created 4-May-2014
At least the color changing is implemented or am I missing the point of this request. Brightness can be set for day and night time. I would love if the brightness could adjust dynamically between night and day though and not switch over.
    Created 16-Apr-2014
Refinement: The display should turn on again when touched, and -- while the Night Panel function is activated -- return to black after no touch has been registered for, e.g., 30 seconds. (Of course, the touch that activates the panel must not register with the UI.)
    Created 24-Mar-2014
Go one further;  have the screen go dark like on a computer after no interaction from the driver for a set time.  I find the screen distracting day or night,  even when I turn it down to the lowest setting.

The screen that comes up when you first start the car;  the charcoal grey screen with the Tesla logo, would be an attractive for this "screen saver" dark-rnning mode.
    Created 11-Jan-2014
This would be awesome

    Created 10-Jan-2014
Dynamic ambient light-adjusted lighting level (another suggestion here) would help in this regard by making interior lighting level very dim when it is very dark out. I realize this is not what is being suggested here.
    Created 5-Jan-2014
Monocrhome, "redscale".  Niiice.
    Created 30-Dec-2013
absolutely need this
    Created 12-May-2013
The Mercedes screen simply changes colour automatically to night friendly pattern with all info the same. there is a sensor on top of the dash which detects this. i would have thought very easy to implement as an auto feature requiring no user input. The technology is old.
    Created 11-May-2013
I would definitely love this. Driving at night with the big 17" lighting up like a neon sign must be stressful for the eyes.

In my current car, I try to shut down every possible light other than the necessary ones. But my stereo has a very annoying blue LED light which I cannot turn down and which almost obstructs my vision. :(
    Created 4-May-2013
If you have never driven a Saab with this feature, you do not know what you are missing! +1
    Created 29-Apr-2013