Larger Time & Temp Font


Now Implemented!


Font size of Time and Temperature display is too small to see without reading glasses


Might be implemented as an option to select larger or small font for key items like this.


Available with version 5.9+ software.

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     Created 11-May-2013


We are on v7.1 (v2.18.77)
How do I set it up?, It is still very hard to read.
    Created 22-May-2016
The recent update still needs a good design makeover. The time and other indication in the small display is still too small and lacking in design finesse. The top bar in the main display is also cramped, hard for people in the back seat to see the time.

Tesla really should recognize that  a lot of drivers are over 50 and need driving glasses which means that instrumentation can be difficult to read.
    Created 4-May-2014
Have you checked the latest software update? IIRC the font size has been increased compared to earlier versions. Are you sure it is still insufficient?
    Created 13-May-2013
I am about to stick a Fomotion clock on the carbon fiber dash. The ability of the owner to edit the display should be a no-brainer. DJN

Latest font size is still insufficient - 20 point would work. Only a few items need to be enlarged. DJN


    Created 11-May-2013