Traffic based Navigation for Fastest Route


Now Implemented!


Tomtom handhelds have it and it works great! Tomtom knows the current speed that other SIM cards in other tomtoms and similar devices are traveling. That way it knows the actual speed-driven at any moment on any street and can compute the fastest route around traffic congestion, but I am not going to put my tomtom on the window of a brand new model s! 😉


See TomTom handhelds for a couple of dollars! Could be based on Google traffic data.


Available with version 6.0+ software.

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     Created 12-Oct-2013


The traffic feature of the current maps app is fantastic where I live. I use it every single time I am out and about to avoid congestion. And it's absolutely deadly accurate in terms of where cars are at a crawl, dead stopped, or driving smoothly.

As for the actual route navigation, it's the same as the other gps devices I have used. They all have the same errors of location, and the same instructions to turn the wrong direction. It's not just this app in this car.
    Created 12-May-2014
Agreed - anything to improve the navigation which aside from the fantastic display is pretty second rate.
    Created 4-May-2014
Anything to improve the navigation system would be helful. It often routes me on  very slow routes and sometimes even tells me to turn THE WRONG DIRECTION
    Created 3-May-2014
… as far as I know the Tesla navigation system is based on NAVIGON, which I know as an app on my iPhone. In fact Navigon is offering this feature in their app!
    Created 19-Apr-2014