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Incorporate “What3Words” navigation to locate any 10′ x 10′ square spot on the planet. For example, the torch of the Statue of Liberty is located at “toned.melt.ship”.


Ford’s 2019 SYNC 3 infotainment platform offers it via a phone app. Mercedes Benz (a part owner of What3Words) introduced in the A Class in 2018. We are behind on this one, and the advantage of this capability is significant because many desirable locations are not identified by an address.

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     Created 2-Apr-2019


As CyberTruck comes online, it will be convenient to have W3W available to identify locations off-road or unmapped. Using Google mapping one could use long/lat coordinates but trying to tell someone where to go would be much easier using W3W vs long/lat.

Additionally, there are many international locations that do not have standardized addressing systems. In these places it is much easier to identify using W3W. I do plan to drive my Tesla to some interesting places and using W3W would be helpful. Especially if I can use it for waypoints.

Basically, W3W can be thought of as human-readable GPS coordinates. Being able to communicate them easily is very helpful.

But these are just an alternative location scheme. No one is trying to remove the current available address or GPS systems.
    Created 1-Nov-2020
Not sure about this... I find many times when I scroll through my nav list there are locations I never drove to or never had it search for?????

I'd like to set up frequented locations and have an easier way to delete previous list items!

How about sequential locations as well - Go to Work, Go to Shop, Go to Hotel, Go to Club, etc. (That way we'd know what the SOC would be at each location as well and the car would plan to stop at SuperCharger on the route....)
    Created 2-Dec-2019
I live in a fairly large condo complex. Currently, if I nav to my address, it'll tell me to go around the corner to one of the other buildings. Obviously, I know when I'm home, but the car doesn't, so the setting to "turn off Sentry Mode" at home isn't working properly -- since it doesn't think it's there yet. If I could use What3Words and list my parking spot as my home address, it would solve this.
    Created 11-Oct-2019
What3Words is already in use by many governmental agencies. It is a good method of specifying a location which doesn't have an address or the address is so large.

Need to find the specific location of a driveway or rural roadway? Use it.

My wife and I recently did the Tesla swap at the airport. She left on her flight before I arrived back on my flight. She left me the location where it was via What3Words.

Try it. It's more useful than you think.
    Created 28-Aug-2019
I TOTALLY get how this could be a great add on.

Keep using the nav maps the old way by entering an address. BUT, if you want to give someone an EXACT location ("Which entrance to Acme Park? Typing in 'Acme Park' puts a pin in the center of the whole park) than what3words is clearer.

Also it's easier to remember 3 words than an address.  ("Was it 24 Chipper Ave or 42 Chipper Street. Or was it Shipper?...")

If implemented well, you don't even have to know the Tesla system understands what3words. Just type in the address as it already exists OR type in 3 words. All the complexity would be behind the screen and not confuse anybody who doesn't know or care about what3words.

    Created 24-Aug-2019
The advantage of this is not necessarily in navigating somewhere you want to go, but often in navigating somewhere someone else wants to go.

For instance, your teenage kid is somewhere and needs picking up. There may be a landmark nearby, or they may be able to find the road names to indicate his location. However, there may not be: he could be out in the countryside, or the road signs may be unclear. The road may be a long one, or the landmarks may have many possible matches.

If instead they fired up W3W and said they were at "dog cat mouse", you could tell your Tesla to navigate there and it'd take you right to them: No looking up and down the road, or checking multiple streets/locations. It'd be just like they'd given you a precise latitude/longitude without having to enter long numbers.
    Created 15-Aug-2019
There is no indication in my suggestion to "remove" the current say the name system of navigation. I *love* the say-the-name system, but there are occasions when, say, naming the lake in a park that has 5-miles of road around it doesn't get you to the goal! The suggestion is to ADD the "What3Words" capability and not like Ford may have done it, but like Tesla would do it. If you are looking for where friends have laid out a picnic, for example; it is very easy for them to tell you the What3Words location is, and you could then navigate to the exact 10 square foot spot. Would you rather know you can find your party at the left edge of the entrance steps to the Statue of Liberty ("toned.melt.ship") rather than "we're on Liberty Island"?
    Created 29-Jun-2019
As a 6 year owner of the Ford My Sync system, I can assure you that I do not prefer this type of navigation.

I prefer the Google method of, simply speaking the phrase:

Navigate to, [address], [POI], [Name of Business]

If you have ever used the Android Google system, then tried to use the high priced navigation Ford My Sync, you would throw rocks at the Ford system!

At least Tesla allows you to use their system while driving while the Ford nanny system, does not. Many times I prefer to use my phone for navigation and would like to see the Tesla incorporate a USB tie in
    Created 29-Jun-2019
I don't get this, how should I know that I must say "toned.melt.ship" when I want to goto "the Statue of Liberty"

so first I must do a search on a app on what the 3 words is for a given location so I can say them, way not just say "navigate to the Statue of Liberty"

way on earth do you want to remove the current say the name of the location to one where you must know 3 random words for it to work
    Created 2-May-2019
So you're saying that a new technique announced in 2016 that allows you to navigate to a 10-square foot spot anywhere on the planet by speaking or entering just three words is something you DON'T want? Wow.
    Created 2-Apr-2019
"We are behind on this one"

Uh, I'm not too sure about that.  I went to and the article had a date of April 29, 2016 so without stating an opinion one way or the other about this and without knowing more I am erring on the side of a downvote.  This is the first I've heard of this.
    Created 2-Apr-2019