Audio Mute During Nav Instructions



When the Navigation system provides turn-by-turn voice instructions, mute the audio so it is easier to hear.


Other manufactures do mute the sound when the navigation instructions occur.



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     Created 5-Oct-2015


I bought my S with MCU1 and it had this nice behaviour where driver speaker conveyed the message. Now with MCU2 and v11 it's broken and fades but either too much or too little. I'd like a percentage as well and switch to choose whether we want all or just driver side to mute
    Created 15-Mar-2022
Couldn't disagree more - I hate it when audio is muted. It's cool to have this as an option that should be described as a slider of % of music audio decrease during navigation. I'd have it at w/e the current value is, and others can have theirs at 100 to mute audio entirely.
    Created 10-Aug-2019
I'd like to see this go a step further and "pause" what ever is playing.
    Created 1-Aug-2019
I agree that the nav system does "something" to the audio sound level, when the navigation system is providing verbalized driving directions. However, the system is not very effective as the OP is describing. To me it appears that the sound level of the front left speaker (closest to the driver) is reduced when the verbalized directions are issued. I believe this mechanization was implemented to adress the verbal driving directions to the driver, and not to disturb the rest of the cabin. This does not work effectively because the audio level is still fairly high, compared to the voice level from a single speaker!

I recommend that the system partly mutes the audio of the soundsystem in all speakers when verbal driving instructions are issued. Furthermore, the user should be allowed to control the amount of muting all the way from the normal volume setting of the sound system to completely muted. With this implementation I believe the navigation system volume would work more effectively
    Created 2-Jan-2016
I have the volume of nav all the way up! Still can't here it even with stereo only at 6.  It needs to totally mute the stereo while giving turn by turn.
    Created 3-Nov-2015
It does this - it fades the volume and mutes half the stereo so you can hear the voice stand out

you may also need to increase the volume of the navigation slightly, to match the volume you like to set your music to.
    Created 1-Nov-2015