Sound Effects – Dragster, Jet, etc.



Include a button for optional sound effects that can be heard only inside the car during idle, upon acceleration, and deceleration. When the sound button is activated the on-screen options appear for sounds such as Muscle Car, Top Fuel Dragster, or Jet Airplane.


This would be for entertainment purposes only – for instance, when taking friends on their first Tesla ride!!

A partial solution today is to have an audio file with the sound effect on the USB flash drive.


Tesla did add Fart sounds as part of the toy package in 2019.

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     Created 14-Oct-2015


How about making the option to randomly play a sound effect on extreme acceleration?  Maybe allow 1-5 customized sounds with the ability to randomly play one or one pre-selected sound played every time.
    Created 22-Nov-2020
Upvoted. Some cool Star Trek-like sound effects would give a good entertainment value, especially if volume can be adjusted.
    Created 25-May-2020
Selecting the sound to be associated with acceleration/deceleration would be far more entertaining than additional games.  Enhance the driving experience, not what can be experienced while not driving.

Mustang GT, VW VR6, Citroen, Corvette (by year), X Wing - endless possibilities
    Created 30-Sep-2019
We need an SDK that we can develop 3rd party sounds that the car can play.
    Created 2-Dec-2018
This is currently available as an iPhone app called AutoTones, at least as far as a muscle car is concerned. It uses the accelerometers to match acceleration, turning, and speed.
    Created 31-Dec-2015
Just.. no. We got a chance to hear this kind of thing as an add-on from a vendor at TMC Connect 2015, and it was laughable. There was applause and cheering when he was asked to finally turn it off. Please don't ask Tesla to include this.
    Created 31-Oct-2015
Good idea but ICE sounds are not on my top ten. The bridge of the Enterprise or the sound of Jed Jetsons flying car. I could go on. Yes this would be fun. The idea of having an ICE car engine go up and down with speed however is totally awesome.
    Created 22-Oct-2015