More Sensitive or Manual Hill Hold



Make hill hold work more precisely on slight inclines.


In 99% of all cases, Tesla’s automatic hill hold (as of firmware version 5.9) works wonderfully: It engages when needed but does not get into the way when there is no point in keeping the brakes on.

There is however a very specific case when I feel lost in Model S without a proper hand brake: That’s when maneuvering in very tight parking spaces where every inch counts. This may be a problem specific to European cities, but it is a very real problem with the high potential cost. If the car goes in the wrong direction by as little as an inch, it may already touch other cars or obstacles and may result in expensive body shop work (and/or bad vibrations in the neighborhood).

The problem arises when the parking spot is just slightly sloped, or when one wheel is pushed up the curb halfway. In this case, hill hold does not trigger and I have no way of moving the car into one direction without it rolling an inch or more in the opposite direction. That’s when I wish hill hold would be sensitive enough to trigger by itself, or I had a button to manually engage it to hold the car in place until there is sufficient torque to push it into the intended direction.

An old-school manual, non-electronic hand brake level is extremely competitive in this discipline. 😉



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     Created 22-May-2014


Did "creep" solve this?
    Created 25-Oct-2019
Basically, it should be even simpler than this. When the car is in "D", it should stop itself from going backwards (using brakes or engine, doesn't matter). When the car is in "R", it should not roll forward. The car should be smart enough to decide whether to brake or apply a little bit of engine power just enough not to move, the latter probably giving a smoother experience.
    Created 22-Jul-2014
I like the idea of engaging hill hold manually from inside the car.  A hand break not so much.
    Created 10-Jul-2014
This could perhaps be implemented in a way that engages Hill hold every time you press the break and the car stops, until it's turned off or until accelerating up to a certain speed. Could possibly be used to avoid having to hold the break pedal while waiting for a traffic light. I used the dedicated hand break lever on my Nissan Leaf for that all the time.
    Created 18-Jun-2014