Regen Settings – Easily adjustable on the fly



Currently, there are only two regen settings, and due to the complexity of changing them on the touch screen, it’s almost impossible to safely change them while underway.


My Chevy Volt also has two settings, but they are easy to select while driving. It’s quite fun and useful to do so, much like downshifting. The ideal scenario would be a system like the Volkswagen e-Golf, which has paddle-shifters on the steering wheel that select four different regen settings. Leave it to the Germans to achieve the ideal when it comes to driver involvement.

Even better would be a steering-wheel-mounted thumbwheel that would infinitely vary the regen, much like the pitch-trim controls on aircraft.




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     Created 6-Jan-2013


As I live in a mountainous region of Europe, the Pyrenees, I would certainly prefer more regen options. As it is both the Standard and Low regen are too strong when descending a long, winding road as both slow the car to a crawl, requiring the use of the accelerator and battery power to keep the car moving.

In my old ICE vehicles I typically descend 30 or more kilometres without touching the accelerator or brakes (unless there are flat spots or dips). By working through the gears it is easy to make a complete descent using only the clutch and shifter.

Surely this should be easy to achieve with a software tweak, using the steering wheel buttons or one of the paddles. Perhaps selecting "Mountain Mode" on the screen then working through different levels of regen to maintain momentum and keep the batteries charging throughout. Come on Elon, shouldn't be too hard.
    Created 15-Jun-2019
Fisker made regen adjustable via a paddle-like, paddle style shifter on the steering column.
    Created 31-Jan-2016
A stronger setting would be better. Lifting your foot less would reduce the amount of regen anyway!

However this will put more requirements on the AD/DC conversion system. More expensive hardware. Although it will probably save some battery and battery capacity costs money as well...
    Created 27-Jan-2015
I agree with dborn. Just one more setting would be ok for me if it set the regen to about 150% of the current "Sport" mode.  Then one foot driving would be possible for me 99% of the time.


And it would be even better if it didn't taper off completely at low speeds so the one could stop completely without having to use the friction brakes.
    Created 5-Dec-2014
I would actually like a stronger setting for regen than the current "standard" level.
    Created 12-Jul-2014
Yes!!! We need this! Would give more milage and spare the brakes.
    Created 11-Mar-2014
maybe we can switch between the setting with the Drive selector

if in drive and the user select drive change regen

this way it is just a simple program option, AUTO, that detect your driving pattern as I find low to be easy when driving at low speed, but I want strong at high speed

also in stead of just come on at full power, that is ease in, as currently you need a very smooth right foot
    Created 11-May-2013
Yes, an analog wheel or slider for regen would be great.  I drove a converted Toyota Ebox with a slider to vary regen and on max I hardly used the brakes.  Geoff
    Created 7-Jan-2013