Advanced Bluetooth Audio Support



Add the ability to select specific music from a phone via bluetooth, similar to current USB operations.


A 2014 Subaru Outback has audio controls to fully able to list and select the artists, albums, and tracks from the Bluetooth connected iPhone. It is great when my daughters are in the car as they can then pick the music without my needing to remove the phone from my pocket.

It is actually important in many states as operating your cell phone while driving is illegal. With the current implementation, this limits you to play what is quede up in the phone and skipping to the next track.



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     Created 3-Dec-2017


No, I am just talking about BlueTooth advanced audio support which is in the Outback (which does *NOT* have CarPlay support or Android Auto)

While CarPlay would be nice, I don't think Tesla seems interested (Don't know why, they could do it in a part of the display rather than the whole display, but Apple may not like that)

    Created 12-Jun-2018
I think you are describing Apple Car Play and Android Auto.  I believe Tesla is working on integrating 3rd party apps to interact with Tesla just like these two popular apps.
    Created 12-Jun-2018