Camera Door Control for Model X



Use the side cameras to detect people position around the car and improve the obstacle detection.

When using the feature to open driver door by proximity, it only open nowadays if the falconwing door is closed, by using the camera, regardless if it’s closed or open it could work better.


To open door the cameras can improve obstacle distance calculation and avoid hit near parked cars, high curbs, trees, and poles that the sensor fails often to calculate correctly.

The falcon wing doors not not always calculate where people are when people open space to it to fully open, resulting in a half open state.

There are no sensor that avoid the falcon wing door to close and hit the head of someone trying to leave the vehicle after the door start closing. We get used with time to operate it safely, but kids and old people are always tricker, therefore the camera could detect the obstacle when the front doors are closed and reduce the cases of accidents.



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     Created 1-Jul-2019