Cold Weather Wiper Position



Hava an option that when parked and the temperature is below 40F, automatically raise the wipers up partially. Include Geo-fenced options to exclude home, and/or work.

In cold weather, the wiper blades can become frozen and due to their low position. The windshield defrost is ineffective at melting the ice around them on the Model 3.


The design of the wiper motor/system may make this tricky to implement in software without a hardware change. Another option would be to include the wiper heater similar to the Model S.



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     Created 24-Nov-2019


I would like the ability to temporarily stop the wipers at the TOP of their travel, which I used to do on previous cars by playing with the (mechanical) switch - to reach iut the driver’s window and knock ice buildup off the wiper. Just lifting the end of the blade off the window and letting it snap back down was usually enough to break off ice buildup - while at a stoplight.  The alternative once the buildup prevents the wiper from actually cleaning anything is to pull over, park, and get out of the car - not practical in many places (I.e. 3 solid lanes of morning traffic). Yes I live in Montreal; we get winter here.
The truly daring  may try to catch the moving wiper at the top of its travel, but the Model X is a big car and this isn’t easy, or good for the mechanism.
    Created 1-Nov-2020