Option for USB/12V Power While Parked



Have an option in-car and on the phone app to enable USB and 12V accessory power jack to remain on when parked.


A few cases where this would be handy:

  • My daughter needed to charge her phone
  • My son wanted to charge is Nintendo Switch
  • We have a 12V powered drink cooler and want our drinks to stay cold
  • I want to charge my OneWheel

I really would like a feature in the mobile app where I could tell it to leave the 12V/USB power on until I get back in the car again.



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     Created 15-May-2019


My pre HW2 S leaves the USB ports on. It would take a lot of cellphone charges to noticeably drain a Tesla battery.
    Created 5-Oct-2019
I think this is a great idea because I get to choose for myself instead of having the car choose for me
    Created 3-Jun-2019