FSD Auto Park Exclusions



Tesla’s future ability to drop you off at a desired location and go seek a parking is one of the best things in the car once implemented, especially for people who live in very crowded areas with no parking spots like myself.

Have the ability for an owner to mark exclusion areas on the display.


The auto park feature should know about restricted or prohibited parking spots such as red zones, hydrants, handicapped spots, etc. In addition, this could be enhanced to allow owners to specify areas to ignore for parking, such as in front of a store or in front of a residence.

It would be also very useful to have a park seek learning mode in which once activated while driving the car, the car will start marking the streets I am driving in as places to seek parking in, and will also show me each available parking spot while driving in which I can mark as “not allowed” to prevent the car from parking at.

Of course the car should lock all doors and windows while seeking a parking spot, and not allow anyone to drive it anywhere outside the parking seek area without having the car’s remote so I can be sure my car will be safe while looking for a parking.



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     Created 18-Aug-2017


The vision of driverless Teslas heading out in search of a parking space amidst a world of cars, people, and a plethora of other potential obstacles, though fascinating, is difficult to comprehend when considering the current technical limitations on how that might be accomplished.  An incremental first step could be to have the car return from a parking space to a defined "pick-up" location.  However, considering the "speed" at which the cars currently move when "summoned," adds to the difficulty of comprehending just how even that would be accomplished.
    Created 1-Nov-2018
The only reason I voted this feature down is because I feel it is premature since we have yet to actually see Tesla's implementation of the FSD Auto Parking features.
    Created 4-Sep-2017
Hello Moderator,

You edited my description removing parking inclusions and keeping only the exclusions.  Maybe my suggestion in not clear enough so I am going to explain a little more.

Although it is important to be able to provide parking exclusions, I want also to provide the car with inclusions as well. By inclusions I mean the streets or areas that I want the car to keep searching in for a parking until it finds one. The car should keep going around and around in that area until a parking gets free. I don't want to the car to park in any available street or area around. If I am missing something about this feature, then please let me know, but my understanding is that there are no specific areas or streets to look for a parking in. The car will park anywhere it can park as long as that parking spot is not restricted.


    Created 20-Aug-2017