Weather Overlay on Map



Provide a weather overlay for the map, consisting of either a temperature-shaded gradient (blue for cold, orange for hot) and/or a radar view showing current precipitation.





(voting combined from a close duplicate that has been removed)

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     Created 8-Jul-2013


Great idea,  I have used this through XM in my last car and found it very helpful.
    Created 7-Sep-2018
I couldn't agree more.  and yes...a toggle button just like traffic is what I was envisioning as well.  And/or make it a separate app on the screen.

Also, here is another important reason.  Security!  With all of the malware on legitimate web sites on the Internet the risk of getting infected using the built-in browser is getting higher every day.
    Created 11-Jun-2016
Exactly.  It could be toggled, like the Traffic button.  I'm envisioning an icon with a raincloud pictured.
    Created 1-Dec-2014
It is a great idea but I didn't vote for it because I think it will clutter the map that needs to be quickly and clearly visible. The small screen GPS map can be very misleading and has sent me down the wrong turning many times so I use the large screen as a complement.

Having said that it sounds interesting to have a weather overlay - but I am in California so it would be warm and sunny most of the time.
    Created 4-May-2014
I live in Tampa Florida and in a 60 minute drive can encounter 3-4 different thunderstorms. I often have both the nav system open AND the radar map on the internet. Overlay might be better, but at least I can see where the storms are and what direction they are moving with the radar loop.
    Created 7-Jan-2014