Map Scale Indicator



Show an indicator of the current map scale in miles or km.


Yesterday I was doing a nice “Sunday drive”, just roaming the area around Berlin. I did not start with a full battery, but returned completely empty (within 10 km)… 😉 The 17″ map view with live traffic did a marvelous job replacing a traditional map, but one omission stuck out like a sore thumb: It was surprisingly difficult to estimate distances, and only after a while did I understand what was missing: A graphical scale representation.

Zooming in and out is so easy, that it’s equally easy to lose track of the scale you’re looking at. Every paper map on the planet has a black and white line that represents the length of some base unit (like 10 km). This element is missing in Tesla’s map view. It would be a minor addition that would greatly enhance the usefulness of the map view. Web-based Google Maps has it in the small status bar in the lower right corner of the view; for in-car use, I would prefer a more salient representation of this same element.




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     Created 24-Mar-2014



the minimum on a have the scale of course..we learnt that at school ...;+)
    Created 9-May-2020
Gee, my 2007 Prius nav system has a mileage scale on it.
    Created 28-Aug-2016
Agree 100 % as well. Especially when zoom in or out is used, it is easy to loose awareness on the distances between geographical ponts on the map. The implementation of a map scale indicator (or yardstick) would significantly increase the ease of interpretation of distances and reduce the 'heads down time' the driver needs to adress attention away from the traffic. To reduce the 'heads down time' would increase safety and reduce the risk for accidents.
    Created 2-Jan-2016
I agree 1000%.  It amazes me that anyone would implement a map without a scale bar. What were they thinking?
    Created 6-Dec-2014
Completely agree w/ OP.  As an option, I'd also like to be able to superimpose a given radius circle based on car location.
    Created 3-May-2014