Map – Direction of Travel


Now Implemented!


Button to switch primary map orientation between the direction of travel or oriented north.


Many competitive navigation systems provide this option.


Available with version 5.0 or later software.

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     Created 2-Dec-2012


will be available in 5.0 when released.  cars shipping from factory have this, now.
    Created 29-Aug-2013

Better maps!!!
    Created 1-Jul-2013
This is the only car I've owned with Navi that doesn't allow the map to point in direction of travel.  I know the Navi screen on the dash shows direction of travel but I use the monitor map with high level of zoom in to see street names.  Travel directions is important for me.  Also moving the next turn box on the monitor from upper left, when direction of travel is north, would be very helpful to be able to scan traffic.
    Created 18-Jun-2013
Agree they should offer direction of travel up... and bigger fonts for street names on map!
    Created 10-Apr-2013
I prefer to have the choice to either point north or in direction of travel. But I don't think it's much of a problem to let the user choose. I'm also fine with the current version and consider the feature as nice to have.
    Created 27-Mar-2013
Actually I'm fine with Google maps pointing north as long as the display next to the ODO points to my direction of travel.
    Created 26-Mar-2013
If you have a route programmed, it would show up with direction of travel on the left side of the dash and the 17" remains in North up.
    Created 1-Feb-2013
Has to be coming soon...
    Created 7-Jan-2013
    Created 7-Jan-2013
OMG, so I will see it sideways?
    Created 7-Jan-2013