Manual Charging Connector Release


Now Implemented!


Have a button or other means within the trunk to manually release a locked charging connector in the event of a failure of the electric lock release.


Hopefully, the electric lock on the charge connector will never fail, but in the event it does, this traps the car at that charging location. Some kind of mechanical linkage to force the release would solve this and avoid being stuck in an undesired location.

Since there are high voltages and currents at this connector, it is not something that could be serviced by users, even if the user is reasonably adept at repairs.


All new cars include a manual release inside the back of the charge port. Its’ not entirely clear when this went into production – perhaps 2017 or so.

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     Created 7-Dec-2012


The lever was only implemented for a very short time on a few cars.  The lever does not appear on the refreshed Tesla S nor early Model S cars.  I haven't checked the Model X/3 yet.
    Created 28-Jul-2018
Why is this not marked as Implemented???
    Created 28-Jul-2018
I not sure anyone has experienced a situation where they felt unsafe to leave the car, to unplug the SC cable. We were at one such location and there was an individual who looked less than savory. In this type of situation, we were effective stranded if we didn't get out and unplug the car.
It would be great if we could jettison the SC plug and not have to be trapped,, but I can also see where people would be too lazy to get out and replace the SC cable on it's plug holder. Leaving SC cables lying on the ground, everywhere.
I know, that's what C&C permits are for.
    Created 31-Jul-2016
This already exists. If you open the carpet flap inside the trunk near the charge port, there's a little lever on the connector inside (bottom, centre) that does this.
    Created 5-Dec-2015
I'm not sure if this would help, but we were temporarily "locked" to our first supercharger.  I wasnt sure if I was doing something wrong and I didn't want to force it.  luckily we were at Denver's Park Meadows Mall location which is also a sales center and one of the sales guys came out and his magic touch got it to release.  Turned out to be the supercharger connection itself and its release button was only working intermittently.
    Created 8-Apr-2015